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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Trip to Vegas

Headed to Las Vegas for the Halloween weekend. Stayed at Caesar's Palace and we had a blast!

A Lovely view of the Palace from the front as we arrived.

Damn I Love this place!

Very posing.

Let the drinking begin!


We owned the floor!

of course I gotta get the statue!

hommie throwin' up the peace sign. Shout out to We-Customs for the chain piece.

Me and Elmo got our drink on.

we drank so much, Gumby and Cookie Monster wanted to join the party.

What a beautiful place.

Very had to make a phone call...

and look who showed up...

keep it pimpin' pimpin!

don't think we ever stopped drinkin.

about to hit the strip

Merlin on crack

walking down the strip

further down the strip

man down!

after all that drinkin an shit, still found time to take in the sights.

no dicks on this blog!

Donnie & Marie!!!

 overall, Vegas was amazing and I had a blast! If you want to see more, check out the video blog at our youtube page!

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