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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Black Optimos

So everybody has been waiting on the new release for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Well, me and the Wolfpack decided to take matters into our own hands to get some copies early before the November 9th release date.

Heading to Los Angeles, tryna get our Black Ops on.

Another good view of the Mariott downtown and right next to it is the one and only Staples Center.

 passing by Tumby's in LA, they got some good pizza. The Grim Sleeper frequented this spot.

 The side view

On our way to the Wolf Cave.

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend purchasing a Rolex. This piece sports all VVS diamonds and a ran a hefty price.

Young12 from Freshly Baked brought out the special edition "Donuts" for the day. T-shirt, and chain coming soon...

Rambo got a quick line-up before we headed off to the Swap Meet to check Black Ops status. We left and unfortunately were denied by everyone there, and were told we could not film. Pshhhh, lame.

Well, that unfortunate event was not going to stop us at all, so we headed over to Mr.Yee's for some good chinese food. Highly recommend the pepper chicken from this spot.

Watson just plotting and getting food.

We Eat Like Kings...

Wally munchin' on them eggrolls...

Back to the cave for some recording and deep thinking...

and lord Jesus did we score! So I guess the friday wasn't waisted and just like we planned, Black Op'n days before the release!

Till next time, we out! Check the video blog, new vids be up soon...

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