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Friday, October 29, 2010

Sneaker Hunting Video Available

Go watch out the latest MyPlug Adventure about Sneaker Hunting in LA

Air Jordan 6 Night Visions (Come out and play!)

Alright, been seeing a lot of information about these on the web. for your info, these are the only pair out there of Air Jordan 6 Night Visions by Freshly Baked crew members Drfunk (Adam12) & ILLWalkees. Rumor has it, they might be selling soon.

Another look at them.

The sneakers come with a specially designed wooden box that was made with no screws and no nails. One side has the #23 from the side of the shoe, while the other side of the box has the bottol sole designed that is on the 6's.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

NEW Adventures!

Alright, so decided to hit the local t-shirt spot in Manchester before heading to Wally's house for the chill out.

 Got a nice panorama shot while on the freeway, ya'll know what it is.

 Got the one and only legendary Hoover street. Gotta have that pass around these parts!

Nothing like a fresh t-shirt! these be them pro-5

Of course the hommie hook it up

Now it's off to the quickie store for a quick stop before Wally's house

The Quick N' Save

Gotta give a quick shout out to k-papa

Gotta get me some water for the trip

Come take a picture with me k-papa!

Great panorama shot of the pickup spot, ya'll get that card out cause they do check.

Wally don't be playing with his gear! Yes the backpack is real. step ya game up youngin's!

 Custom hat for the custom chain! Shout out to the homegirl for this piece! Holla at us for orders!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

You Been Plugged!

Welcome to MyPlug Adventures. Follow us on our crazy adventures through the world of kicks, clothing, custom jewelry, cars, and of course the life & times of the one and only, Voice Watson. Sit back, chill and come along for the ride.