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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekly Beatdowns

Looks like this dude picked the wrong kid to pick on.

Ben get's K.O.'d by Richard Seymour

This is probably old but dayum!

Sneaker of the Week

It's that time again, it's time for Sneaker of the Week.

Nike has decided to release these special edition Nike SB Dunk "Yellowcurb".

The "Yellowcurb" is slated to release in December of this year but in limited amounts.

These puppies sport an awesome patten leather elephant print while also incorporating suede on the swoosh and mesh tongue.

Nike plans on making this release a quickstrike so if you want these, you should head on over to Kasina.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

WTF Products

Ever wonder if someone has been thinking about the same things you do while watching a retarded product commercial? Well, there's lots of people who do.

Shake Weight Parody

The WTF Blanket

Friday, November 26, 2010


It's times like these that we ask others what they were thinking. Apparently, this guy whipped his dick out on a subway car to jerk off to this woman or do something and she caught him and didn't like him. Guess it didn't turn out like that porno you saw the other night huh buddy?

LOL! So They had to pat down a 3-yr old kid at a airport. WTF?

Okay, so this could easily be part of the Weekly Fights Post we normally do, but I think it also works into the What Were You Thinking category. So apparently, it looks like this woman was hit or pushed by her man. A nearby couple stepped in to teach this asshole some lessons about not hitting girls, only for the dudes girl who was originally pushed to step in and start fighting with the couple who defended her.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So if you haven't been looking around the Air Max 1 world lately, you've been missing out. Came upon these puppies at the local Neo39 sneaker store in Pasadena, California and boy am i surprised. They had one pair left exactly in my size for Air Max 1's and I had to get them.

This is part of the "Omega" pack that Nike released a while back. Originally released with gold laces to match the bottom sole, i switched it for some SB white laces to give it a cleaner look.

The Omega's show off a nice smooth suede material throughout the shoe while incorporating a mesh for the tongue and toe box.

These were simply too good to pass up on so I had to grab them!

One of the perks from buying packs or special editions from Nike is the additions around the shoe. The Omega's sport a nice college theme on the insole.


Alright, so apparently there was some sort of argument between Monday Night Football's Steve Young and Matt Millen about the Minnesota Vikings. Hopefully you saw this live but if you didn't here it is.

LOL I just love how serious Matt Millen is taking this only to have Steve Young just say "okay". This kinda stuff cracks me up.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Alright, it's time for some Weekly Ass Kicking and do we have some videos for you. First off, and I believe this has got to be the winner, Ryu vs. Guile and Ryu knocks Guile's ass down with a K.O. to the face! Let's watch!

Up Next, were some stupid clowns up in East Oakland who decided to ruin the nice family Denny's restaurant completely.

Crazy Incident happened apparently at a subway but I was shocked at how many punches this dude took to the head until he was tasered by police.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Air Jordan XI Comfort SC "Carbon Fiber"

It's our pleasure to present the Air Jordan XI Cmft Carbon Fiber with the Sneaker of the Week.

With the combination of carbon fiber detailing on the regular patent leather area, and the mixture of the Air Max 1, this sneaker shines all the way.

With the different colorways Jordan Brand has been coming up with, these have to pretty much beat every single one of them. It's simple, yet elegant.

They were originally released on 10/23/2010 but unfortunately, we didn't have time to cop a pair let alone check the pricing on these puppies.

They were released in such a limited quantity that if you did get a chance to get a pair, better hold onto them as their value is probably going to skyrocket.

-stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Louie Vutton "Michael" Backpack

Had a chance to grab a Louie "V" backpack and knew I couldn't skip out. The Louie Vutton "Michael" backpack is an ideal item for carrying a laptop, or any essential items. It's extremely light in weight and super comfy with the mesh back and shoulder strap on the inside.

You can pick one up at either your local Louie Vutton store, or the official online dealer at Louie Vutton. You might want to be quick about this one though as these backpacks are always limited in stock and sell out fast. You can expect to drop about $1500.00 on this.


When you think of the top brands of clothing or accessories, one of the first brands that come to mind is of course, Gucci.

It appears that Gucci has gone and skipped a level, and ended up in the 3-D market. Gucci has released a pair of their own 3-D glasses for home and theater entertainment. The shades should be dropping in December for normal purchase at $225 a pair. Why would Gucci be doing this you may ask? It's because they can.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Alright, it's that time again. It's time for Sneaker of the Week and do we have a good one for you collectors out there. Now earlier this year Nike came with this special Air Max 1 who collaborated with the famous graphic artist Parra who uses unusual color palette's.
They dropped on March 13th, 2010. Unfortunately, these were only available overseas and the good people out here in the U.S. never got a chance. If you're looking for them now, you'll be surprised at a whopping $994.00 price tag that LAFlightClub has on them. Anywho, this didn't stop us from placing them as our sneaker of the week.

The Patta x Parra consists of a mid-mesh surrounded by a soft premium suede and a carpet type swoosh on the side. Not to mention the unique color mixture of the sole consisting of yellow, orange and a light sky blue gives it such a sweet look all around.

Of course to be different from most air max 1's, patta decided to add a light sky blue swoosh on the inside of the sneakers along with a yellow lace loop.

Overall it's a beautiful sneaker and we're glad to have it as our Sneaker of the Week

Till next time, we're out...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fun With Freshly Baked

The guys over at Freshly Baked had fun with some gingerbread man kits and made this piece of art LOL. Looks like they getting ready for the holidays...

Nike Dunk SB Iron Man

It's been awhile since we saw some really sick sneakers, but when Nike came with these we had to put them as our first sneaker of the week. These were originally supposed to be a limited release, but the good people at Nike have made a regular release now. If you're thinking the price tag might be too high for you, not to worry, they've also made a nice compromise. For about $105.00 you can walk away with these puppies. Just visit the people over at Premiere and cop your pair.

The sneakers make good use of the IronMan colorway of Red/maroon/Yellow while using a patent leather on the swoosh and suede on the build.

These should be hitting other retailers pretty soon.

Stay tuned for the next Sneaker of the Week.

Black Optimos

So everybody has been waiting on the new release for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Well, me and the Wolfpack decided to take matters into our own hands to get some copies early before the November 9th release date.

Heading to Los Angeles, tryna get our Black Ops on.

Another good view of the Mariott downtown and right next to it is the one and only Staples Center.

 passing by Tumby's in LA, they got some good pizza. The Grim Sleeper frequented this spot.

 The side view

On our way to the Wolf Cave.

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend purchasing a Rolex. This piece sports all VVS diamonds and a ran a hefty price.

Young12 from Freshly Baked brought out the special edition "Donuts" for the day. T-shirt, and chain coming soon...

Rambo got a quick line-up before we headed off to the Swap Meet to check Black Ops status. We left and unfortunately were denied by everyone there, and were told we could not film. Pshhhh, lame.

Well, that unfortunate event was not going to stop us at all, so we headed over to Mr.Yee's for some good chinese food. Highly recommend the pepper chicken from this spot.

Watson just plotting and getting food.

We Eat Like Kings...

Wally munchin' on them eggrolls...

Back to the cave for some recording and deep thinking...

and lord Jesus did we score! So I guess the friday wasn't waisted and just like we planned, Black Op'n days before the release!

Till next time, we out! Check the video blog, new vids be up soon...

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Trip to Vegas

Headed to Las Vegas for the Halloween weekend. Stayed at Caesar's Palace and we had a blast!

A Lovely view of the Palace from the front as we arrived.

Damn I Love this place!

Very posing.

Let the drinking begin!


We owned the floor!

of course I gotta get the statue!

hommie throwin' up the peace sign. Shout out to We-Customs for the chain piece.

Me and Elmo got our drink on.

we drank so much, Gumby and Cookie Monster wanted to join the party.

What a beautiful place.

Very had to make a phone call...

and look who showed up...

keep it pimpin' pimpin!

don't think we ever stopped drinkin.

about to hit the strip

Merlin on crack

walking down the strip

further down the strip

man down!

after all that drinkin an shit, still found time to take in the sights.

no dicks on this blog!

Donnie & Marie!!!

 overall, Vegas was amazing and I had a blast! If you want to see more, check out the video blog at our youtube page!